Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Just A Beginner

Yay!!! I finally have a blog =) Well I guess that I'm supposed to tell about myself because this is my first post! So lets see, My name is Jordyn Elizabeth Georgianna and I'm from Brea, California and I love it! I go to BYU-Idaho right now and I'm one semester done into sophomore year! I have one brother and one sister-in-law James and Heather Georgianna and I love them to death! I also have two of the most amazing parents Craig and Denise Georgianna. They are the best I could ask for. I love singing with all my heart, and dancing like there is no tomorrow! I also love ice cream, my dads cooking, Whitney Brown, oh what the! How did she make the list!, clothes, laughing, the beach, swimming.. you know, the ush.