Monday, August 16, 2010

Lake Clementine3

Lake Clementine!!!

Well, It's that time of year again!!! The Georgianna family reunion. Every year my dads side of the family goes out to this lake called Lake Clementine. Its 7 hours away, really small, and the only way to the campsites is by boat. This means that everything we take camping has to be transported by a boat. I know it seems like a huge hassle, and actually it completely is! But it is just one of Lake Clementines charm. I can't remember a time when I didn't go to Lake Clementine in the summer. This year I was especially excited because I haven't been home in California for a while! I got to see all my family. My crazy family. I dono how I forgot about the tempers, teasing, endless meat, and poor manners of my family. Wow, you just have to love them for who they are! So what do we do for a whole week on a random lake? Truth is, not alot. Thats what makes it so fun! My uncle has this HUGE raft that he blows up and anchors out in the water for us. Lets be honest, 75% of the time we are on the raft. All of us girls that is. We have to muster up the courage to swim out to it because of all the sick nasty seaweed and mushy ground. I'm not even being dramatic, every year it gets so much grosser. The shore isn't like the beach where it gradually goes from the sand to the water. Its like a tiny cliff and your in. Weather you like it or not! But lately for some unknown reason, the bottom of the lake has been pure mush. It feels a little bit like your walking around in baby food. You think your just going to wade slowly in the water but then when you step in all of a sudden your sunk in weird mud all the way up to your knees. And let me tell you, is a struggle to pull your legs out of that ish once your in. So when all of us girls go out to the raft it usually consists of lots of screaming and EW's followed by the struggle of trying to get onto the raft. It actually is kinda hard, I'm not gonna lie. All but one of my cousins on that side are older than me and recently this year all of them got married. So we inherited a new cousin named Angie. We like her, she is very sweet. Angie is also pregnant! 3 months along now.So we had fun with that. Every excuse for Angie was " its okay, shes prego." All week whenever I talked to her I called her Angie and baby. They are very excited. It was nice to finally be with my two closest cousins again. We haven't all been together in about 5ish years. We were always close when we were little because it goes Frankie who is 20, me and I'm 19, and then Jessica and she's 18. So we were the three little trouble makers. Not alot has changed and we had a blast being together again! We also did some rock jumping this year. I finally jumped off the second biggest rock 3 times! I was pretty proud of myself I'm not gonna lie. I still haven't don't the biggest one, but one day.. Being in Idaho, I have had this whole new experience of being...white. I'm not the biggest fan, but I had gotten quite used to it before this trip. I forgot how my family teases me about being so dark in the summer and all the relentless jokes. Lets just say, I may have gotten a little darker this week. Sometimes I feel like my face is dirty like I need to wash it or something, but its just cuz I'm tan again! My skins back to normal, oh how I missed it. I can take all the mexican jokes, I'm used to it by now. My family... Well thats mostly the high points of our trip, besides my brat cousins scaring me with fish, craw dads, and sick nasty frogs. No, I will not touch your little critters thank you very much. Geez they just wouldn't let that go. Boys will be boys I suppose, no matter how old they are! Me and Heather decided that we want to keep going every year, even when our uncles pass
away or whatever happens, we will keep Lake Clementine a tradition! Love it =)

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